Which enlightened sole uttered these words in the first place (Lao-tzu Chinese philosopher 531 BC – 604 BC)? Because clearly he was not from my neck of the woods because TIA (This Is Africa, more especially South Africa), and in South Africa we use Kilometres not Miles, so already this statement has no relevance as there are 1.6 kilometres in a mile. So his journey will always be longer than mine… for this famous quote to have more relevance in my life my “Journey of 1000 kilometres” begins with a single step.

How do I get there? How long will it take me to get there? well sadly for this trip unlike most trips we take in life I do not know for certain, all I know is that my destination is to finish the race called life, but funny enough people always go on about how life is not a destination but more a journey… so how can we take a trip that has no destination? So are our lives meaningless and without purpose? Because I don’t want to spend my life knowing there is no finish line, what am I working towards?

I have an answer for those asking the same question; we are working towards finishing the race of a fulfilled life. What is a fulfilled life? it is a life where you are the architect of your dreams, where you have lived a life that you want to live, and not the life society has thrust upon you as the norm, since we are all different and unique we cannot live for the same tomorrow and must choose our own race to run but the finish should be the same for everyone. You only live once but if you live your life the way you wanted and are happy that you achieved your goals, then once is more than enough. And you are well on your way of finishing your race of 1000 kilometres. So have you taken that first step or are you still living without purpose?