It was a dark and stormy night, in a far, far away land… (Wait wrong story :D). A long time ago when society was governed by a different set of rules and morals, yes I say morals you did not read incorrectly, they did once exist! This was a time when people knew what really mattered in life and how to prioritise. Sadly those days are long gone and we are now a lost generation, whose idea of what’s important is severely warped.

Our generation has become to fixated with superficial ideologies, which have caused us to worry more about what impression we give people and how we are viewed, by people how do not matter at all (I refer to them as back ground noise), they do not affect my life in anyway. God forbid you are caught wearing last years fashion trends… Perez Hilton might attack you in his next blog :).

  • We are afraid to love, But worry about having our hearts broken instead (love unconditionally)
  • We are afraid to be Human and make mistakes ( take the leap of faith)
  • We are afraid to speak our minds and rather fade into the background (let your voice be heard)
  • We are worried about who is wearing what to the Oscars instead of that poor street kid with no family to care for him (show some humanity)
  • We are to worried about chasing paper and not worried about giving back to those who gave us the opportunity to shine ( give of yourself not your wallet)
  • We are afraid to smile at that stranger on the bus for fear of being raped (smile more = wrinkles)

So please lets go back… way back… back in time (enter RNB music) and take the time to love, to have faith, to speak out, to be human and open our hearts and not our wallets.

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