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I remember when I was a kid; sitting on the carpet at home one evening and watching my favourite comedy show (Mind your language). One of the characters was an Italian Casanova, he had just been entrusted with one of his class mates’ secrets… so when asked to never tell a soul he replied “If I talk in my sleep, I will lie to myself”. Haha that has nothing to do with this post, it just took me way back to my youth.

 It is a real bad idea to lie to yourself, but I guess for some the truth is way too much to handle so they create these lies that they tell themselves and to others… yet who are they really deceiving? I have always believed in the idea of “Hurt me with the truth, rather than hurt me with a lie”. If you plan on lying to yourself then by all mean do so, but do not involve me or anyone else in that lie as you will end up hurting innocent by-standers, namely those you care about, one way or another that lie you tell yourself will manifest itself and directly or indirectly affect others. How you ask? “Babe do you love me? Lie downloading…98% complete “yes I do, you are the only one for me” 5 months down the line he/she catches you in bed with another, in your defense your reply is “It just was not working, I lost interest a while ago, I just couldn’t bring myself to tell you and hurt you”. Yet one must ask which would have hurt more? The truth or the lie…


Whenever I think of hands (well in this case single hand) clapping, my mind wanders off to the Steers advert about a slow clap (whoohaa)… Then I start to giggle like a little school girl, trying to picture that advert with everyone trying the one handed clap. All I see are grown men walking down a street trying to swat flies .

My take on this is one of self-praise, almost like a pat on the back; the single clap would be an individual giving themselves “props” for an achievement. We usually associate a tap on the back with someone acknowledging your achievement, so it would only be logical that a single hand clapping would be a metaphor for one giving themselves a round of applause. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


According to Cambridge dictionaries online, to wander is defined as: “to walk around slowly in a relaxed way or without any clear purpose or direction”. Clearly if you are walking around slowly without a clear purpose or any direction then you must be lost, because if you knew where you were going you would walk with intent and direction… I disagree!

Because you wander does not mean that you are lost and do not know where you are going, in some instances it merely could mean that you know where you are going but are taking in the sights and sounds along the way straying off the beaten track (taking the time to smell the roses). Life is a Journey not a Destination, so what’s the rush? I know where I am going, I just decided to take a few detours and experience life to the max (could of, should of or would of) ensuring that by the time I reach my life’s zenith that no stone is left unturned.

It’s sad how society defines a wanderer as someone who has no purpose or direction, yet we merely might just be misunderstanding them and their rational! They might know the path they are meant to walk but are just in no rush to get there and want to take that slow walk, going nowhere slowly just because they do not conform to social norms.


For those of you who know the poem, I will not be reciting the poem, but what I have to say is inspired by the lyrics. For those who do not know the poem/song it is by Gil Scott-Heron, and was first recorded in 1970.

The Revolution shall not be televised:

The reason this poem came to mind is simple… in the media all we see is Juju this… Juju that, him and all his friends in their “Revolutionary house” have been in the media far too often (for all the wrong reasons) for my liking. Whenever they get the opportunity they remind you how Aluta Continua (The struggle continues). They claim to be comrades in the struggle yet which struggle exactly are they fighting? The one which allows you to have a fish tank built into your Sandton home? If I had a Rand for every time I was called comrade… yet I always ask, “Comrade in what struggle?”

The Plot has long been warped for certain individuals own gain, and if you question, then you are racist. If you really want to fight a struggle then stop doing it through the media and go back underground like the real comrades who fought in the real struggle for all the right reasons. I’m sure they are turning in their graves as we speak, wondering where did things go wrong. Give up your sushi eating (off naked woman) ways and trade your chop sticks for an AK47 and cross the border for training if you are a real comrade fighting in your made up struggle… Aluta Continua my foot.

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