My sister and I have more conversations on Whats App than we do face to face, all this whilst living together in a 2 bedroom. I am sure what springs to mind is”WEIRD MUCH??” Lol! Maybe, maybe not.

Yes she has her eccentricities: has a habit of talking to herself constantly and never realizes it til you tell her; only sleeps on one side of the bed, and can’t explain why; carries hand sanitizer, panados, vix, a comb and tissues in her bag AT ALL TIMES and loudly announces this wherever we go; has never walked barefoot as a child because even then she believed that “There are germs everywhere and we are not safe.” Well you get the picture.

I mean yes, she can be SO embarrassing most of the time like most big sisters can be, and we are total opposites and don’t understand each other, but she tries. And that is what matters. We don’t show it, but I know through actions that the love is there. And hey, they do say that actions speak louder than words.

My sister is unique and as her friends like to jokingly say, “Different, because there is no one out there like her.” And I have come to believe that this is true. She skips along to her own beat, but this is not to say she has a screw loose. On the contrary, she has 4 qualifications now (2 of these come from UCT, grudgingly the best university in the country) and she is only 27, and has now applied to do a 5th qualification (her Masters, which will be in Sports, can you imagine) at two universities next year.

So yea, she is very different, an embarrassment at times, a little eccentric, but hey, was greatness ever achieved from being ordinary? #Just saying. But all in all, I don’t think I would return her to the Storks and ask for a different model. She is who she is, and I’m ok with it.


Ride til we die