I have realized that this popular myth from Western culture, somehow managed to penetrate African homes. Case in point is that after seeing and hearing stories that whenever it rains and the sun comes out and there is a rainbow after, if you follow the rainbow til its end, you will find a pot of gold.

Needless to say, one day my inquisitive 5 year old self decided to put this to the test. So rounding up my posse of neighbourhood friends, after some summer rains and sighting a big, beautiful rainbow close to my home, we set off.

One thing I noticed, it was never mentioned anywhere how long such a journey would take, because it seemed that the closer we got, the further back the rainbow retreated, but still I forced us to solider on (I mean my rep was on the line, even at 5 years old, I had one people)! Finally we got to the end of the rainbow, and guess what?!?! Absolutely nothing! To say that I was gutted is an understatement. I stared blankly for seconds, and then sent people off to search and dig, but nothing.

By this time dusk was setting in, so we had to head on home. It was a difficult journey for me, as I just wanted to cry on my mommy’s lap, but still had to appear strong for the troops. So onward we marched. When I got home, it was very late, too late for someone of my age to be roaming the streets and I knew that on top of losing my street cred, I was probably going to get a hiding from my mom. Because coming home at 8pm was the same coming home at 1am for a teenager.

But as soon as I walked in, I let my eyes water and my lips tremble (knowing that I’m a spitting image of my mom), I used this all to my advantage. She took one look at me and asked me to sit down, and my misadventure of the day tumbled out. When I was done, she gave me supper and an ice-cream lolly as treat and I went to bed. Now that was one bullet dodged!

Needless to say, I was on the D-Low for the rest of the week and stayed indoors, til eventually my posse missed me (their leader) and came to look for me. Oh how fickle a child’s mind is at that age! Anyway, the moral of that story, THEY LIED!!! I didn’t find gold, so I couldn’t become rich and by myself sweets forever and ever. So kids, Google it before you believe in it!