My first Reaction was… who ever thought this up must have been smoking their socks, how can fish fall from the sky! But then (after a good giggle) I consulted my good friend Mr Internet (Google) and discovered that there have been quite a few incidents of fishing freakishly falling from the sky:

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After swallowing my words and sending a telepathic apology 🙂 I started to wonder could we find a simple answer in the bible for these strange events (is the world really going to end this year as the Mayans Predicted?) or could we find a more theoretical and logical answer from science? And before people starts thinking I’m bible bashing or disproving all the scientific theories… relax your body because I was just asking from a confused unbiased point of view.

Then like a bolt of lightning it hit me… who cares! Who cares why it’s raining fish, rather we should be asking why is it not pouring down with more fish all around the world? with all the adverse poverty and hunger crippling people, this could be a short term solution to a long term problem, I think I will get a few scientists together and we will not rest until we can make it rain fish at our command (natures answer to DHL) hmmm this could be a profitable business, the next time you hear from me I will be blogging from my penthouse over looking my private beach. Till then back to the drawing board.